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My Bio

Born in Newton Nottage, Glamorgan, mid 1942 but spent formative years in and around Birmingham 1950-61. Headed for London 1961 to join BOAC and find fame and fortune. Found neither but managed to travel the world. Moved to Marlow in 1972 and still here, surrounded by all kinds of fifties' memorabilia. Married these past 40 odd years, son 44 and daughter 36. Two grandsons, one 7 and the other coming up to his second birthday. Still working at Heathrow for the Office for National Statistics in a desperate attempt to build up a nice nest-egg for my eventual retirement. Mad about Birmingham City FC, railways, fifties music and old TV and radio. Generally held to be a confirmed anorak. Who cares?!  

My Occupation

Interviewer for the International Passenger Survey at Heathrow. Beware of people bearing clipboards next time you pass through!!

My Hobbies

Living in the past! Birmingham City FC. A lifelong passion for railways.

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